More opportunities. Less risks.

The equipment is your property

When you buy KIKO tokens, you buy GPU’s. You don’t rent someone else’s equipment for a certain term. The equipment is yours. Forever.


Mining revenue isn’t the only way KIKO holders can profit. We create a platform where our customers could lease their capacities to third parties and receive payment for the entire lease term immediately.

A permanent contract. For real.

We don’t limit contract terms to a year or two. The equipment is yours, and it will work as long as you want it to.

Leave the project anytime

You may request the shipment of your GPU’s at your address anytime. Thus you may mitigate the risks of mining-related losses. Otherwise, you may sell your KIKO tokens on secondary markets.

KIKO Token

Price formation

Expected cost of 1 KIKO is $4.69

100 KIKO is 99% of the cost of one GPU like RX470 4GB (ETH — 30 MH/s) as a part of a mining computer installed in a datacenter.

Price of 1 KIKO will be set by Kikohash. The price includes the expenses for manufacturing of mining machines and the company’s margin. The most recent calculation and competitiveness benchmarking.

How do I buy tokens?

In order to participate in creation of Kikohash datacenter and platform, one has to buy KIKO tokens. The Token Sale uses ERC20 smart contracts on Ethereum.

The instruction below describes important security issues involved in the process of purchasing. Please prepare your ETH and make sure the transactions are secure.

KIKO tokens are equipment-backed

Funds raised over the Token Sale will be used for procurement, shipment and commissioning of mining equipment.

The GPU’s are the material backing of KIKO tokens. Once a contract is closed, the equipment is sent to the customer.

Manage your assets

You can start working with contracts and leasing your equipment at Kikohash once your KIKO tokens have been sent to your personal account.

You also may close the contract and withdraw the tokens to your personal wallet.

Thus, you may increase or decrease your capacities by trading the tokens on secondary markets.

Secondary markets

The token’s price is its basic function (100 KIKO = 1 GPU like RX470 4GB) plus the cost of mined but non-transacted coins plus financial expectations from management of said equipment.

Placing tokens on secondary markets enables one to extend the equipment portfolio, leave the project, and speculate on revenue fluctuations.

The tokens will be listed at exchange accordingly with legal requirements. The listing shall commence after the Token Sale is over.

Amount of receipt

Total tokens sold

Amount in USD

Total orders


Here you may find the roadmap for the project that also depicts prior phases of its development

June 2016 — 2017
Kikohash launch
Equipment pool upon kickoff: 10 GPU’s. In 12 months, 350 GPU’s will be available.
July 2017
Token presale
A $50,000 presale campaign held successfully. The raised funds are to be spent on preparing a full-fledged fundraising campaign.
Tokensale campaign
Fundraising via tokensale. The campaign kicks off on 21, 2017. Payment for the preordered components.
Delivery of the equipment
Shipment of the first parcel for 3,500 GPU’s, assemblage of computers, and the launch of the mining process.
Q1 2018
Launch of the mining process
Commissioning of the equipment and full activation of mining. Conversion of Kiko tokens into contracts. Initial revenues for customers. Lease marketplace rolled out in beta.
Q2 2018
Hash power marketplace
Full release of the equipment leasing marketplace. Integration with the partner platforms and market expansion.


Due to popularity of tokensales, we provide special support for major contributors. Please specify your details and the company’s representative will contact you. In case of preorder, bank transaction and bitcoin payments are available.

Silver package


Paper contract

Support by phone

Golden package


Paper contract

Support by phone

Priority equipment shipment

Enterprise package


Paper contract

24/7 support

Priority equipment shipment


Once you send your contacts, a company’s representative will contact you to clarify the details of the transaction.

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