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At the moment, the project is being reorganized. The FAQ section will be updated in accordance with the new strategy. Please send current questions to [email protected].
How do I change the address(es) for withdrawing money?
You need to be authorized on the site, select the section "Profile" in the menu on the left and enter the desired wallet address in the "Wallets" box. After saving the address to your e-mail will receive a letter-notification about changing the address to the output. Change the wallet to the withdrawal can be no more than once for every 12 hours. After changing the address for the sake of safety and safety of your funds, a temporary blocking of the possibility of withdrawing funds is made.
What is the duration of the withdrawals block after changing the address of the wallet?
The lock lasts 7 days. If the hackers get your access password to the account and replace the address of the wallet with their own - you will have 7 days to react and correct the situation by receiving a notification letter from us.