How do I safely buy tokens?
Attackers may attempt to hack into your local wallet or switch a smart contract address. In order to avoid that, use the guidelines on secure purchasing.
Why should I redeem tokens?
By redeeming tokens at Kikohash, you become entitled to use the equipment in any way you deem necessary under the contract. For legal reasons, we cannot lease your Бequipment, so you will have to personally set parameters like capacity, cost and lease term.
What determines Kiko price at secondary markets?
The token’s price consists of the equipment cost, the cost of coins mined up to the given time, and economic expectations from equipment management. In case profit from mining remains comparable to that of recent years, the token’s price may go twice as high by the end of year one. The token also has a speculative component.
What should I do after I buy tokens?
It will take time for Kikohash to buy and commission the equipment. During that period, we will be publishing detailed reports on a regular basis. Token redemption will become available once the equipment is commissioned.
Should I pay for equipment maintenance?
Maintenance and meter charge are an important part of the mining industry. We work with providers of the cheapest service on accommodation (see Datacenters). Using third-party datacenters. is necessary for the purpose of launching the project within shortest possible terms, as well as to ensure mitigation of management risks. Up until the tokens are redeemed, the power is pad for at the expense of coins mined earlier on the grounds of invoices available publicly. Once the tokens are converted, the maintenance fees will be reflected in the user account.
Can I take my own equipment?
Yes, you can, provided you transfer your tokens to the contract, all lease requests are closed, and the number of equipment units is integer.
Will mining remain profitable in the future?
Mining is too big to fail. Even if cryptocurrencies abandon mining, the technology will remain applicable for distributed computations like those in Golem. Mining will remain profitable as long as cryptography underlies the technological trust.
How should I lease the equipment to keep it profitable?
The main advantage of long-term leasing is obtaining the bulk amount of funds for the entire contracted period. It means that in a while you will return your investments and start making profit (similar to the real estate leasing model). Our project offers special calculators to help you assess the contract parameters and explain the meaning of financial coefficients.
Is mining altcoins more profitable than mining bitcoin?
We believe that mining algorithms should be diversified so that equipment leasing remains profitable in case of altcoin price fluctuations.