Advania (Iceland)

Datacenter in Advania
  • Kikohash partner

    Advania is among the biggest IT service providers in Iceland, Norway and other Scandinavian nations. Kikohash has been accommodating the equipment at Thor Detacenter since 2016.

  • Location

    Advania’s data centres are located near Reykjavik and in the town of Keflavik where all the required infrastructure is available. Iceland’s cold climate ensures PUE of at least 1.03.

  • Cost

    Iceland has low electricity costs, so the entire price of equipment hosting there comprises €65 per 1kW a month.

  • Features

    The data center is optimized for T3 services. Area: 2,500 sq.m. Three power supply lines of 1.6 MVA.

Node pole (Sweden)

Datacenter in HYDRO66

    Node Pole is Sweden’s commercial investment and development hub providing dedicated support for investors within the cloud industry, as well as other emerging energy-intensive industries such as e.g. carbon production and battery production.

  • Support

    The Node Pole supports us in any questions linked to hardware colocation in Sweden. Company provides needed business contacts with energy and legal partners.

  • Cost

    In 2017, Sweden has cut power taxes for datacenters of 0.5 MW and higher by 97 per cent. Total price of electricity for datacenters comprises $0.035-0.045 for 1 kW*h.

  • Sites

    We're considering 4 or 5 possible locations for our own datacenter with Node Pole assisting in searching and preparing our proposals.