Kikospace (Sweden)

Datacenter in Kikospace
  • About Kikospace

    Main data center is located in Brunflo, Sweden. This allows to get the lowest price for electricity in the world.


    Kikospace is working together with Swedish insurance agency and can provide all the necessary accompanying work.


    If your equipment is outside The EU countries, you will face with some customs formalities. Kikospace will glad to consult you and help you with a right choice of agents and accountants.


    If this is your first shipment, Kikospace will advise your carrier and the way of delivery to ensure the immediate start-up of the equipment.

Advania (Iceland)

Datacenter in Advania
  • Kikohash partner

    Advania is among the biggest IT service providers in Iceland, Norway and other Scandinavian nations. Kikohash has been accommodating the equipment at Thor Detacenter since 2016.

  • Location

    Advania’s data centres are located near Reykjavik and in the town of Keflavik where all the required infrastructure is available. Iceland’s cold climate ensures PUE of at least 1.03.

  • Cost

    Iceland has low electricity costs, so the entire price of equipment hosting there comprises €65 per 1kW a month.

  • Features

    The data center is optimized for T3 services. Area: 2,500 sq.m. Three power supply lines of 1.6 MVA.